10 Best Websites for Online Courses and Learning

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Online Learning is one of the efficient and relevant way of learning these days. These are 10 websites where you can get paid as well as free courses.

Due to the pandemic situation all around the world causing many people to lose their jobs and to stop the physical education system, online education or online learning plays a vital role in our life.

During the lockdown student classes are taken online, and this practice leads us to focus on the online learning platforms. This major change of online learning can impact our learning process in many good ways

Online courses have their own advantages and disadvantages, there are many websites that provide online learning facilities with certificates some are paid courses and some are free. Here is the list of the 10 best websites for online learning and online courses.


Coursera is a global learning platform that offers everyone to learn from anywhere. It has been partnered with more than 200 leading universities and companies to bring effective and job-relevant online courses.

This platform also provides free courses for universities and college students. Many can also opt for paid courses from different leading universities and get certified and the fees depend on the course you are opted for.

The certificates you get from Coursera is much valuable than other MOOC’s (massive open online courses) because you get certified from top leading universities. Coursera provides almost all the courses you can look for.


Udemy is the global leading marketplace for teaching and learning. It also provides both free and paid courses on their platform. The free course will not provide you certificates.

The website offers a massive number of courses, you can find courses in almost all the fields at the lowest price. Udemy is much cheaper than Coursera because the instructors are not mainly from top leading universities.

If you are starting your online learning journey then Udemy is one of the best platforms to start from. Udemy courses start at Rs.400 in India which is very much affordable.


Edx is the only leading MOOC provider that is both no-profit and open source. Edx is one of the trusted online education platform founded by top leading institutes Harvard and MIT. There are more than 20 million learners on the platform.

The huge number of free online courses make the platform different from others. If a student doesn’t want to invest money in online learning or any online course Edx is the best platform for them.

You can find valueable courses like Data science, DataAnalyst, Web Development and Many More.

Future Learn

Future Learn offers to learn from top-level universities and institutes like the University of Michigan. You can also find popular courses for free such as Digital Marketing, UX designing, and many more.

In the Future Learn different subjects can be explored and online learning can be made easier. This website provides you the opportunity to learn for free or you can have their upgraded plan.

Another good thing about Future Learn there are many course diversification some are short time period courses and some are long it depends on the learner for the best fit.

Code Academy

Code Academy is also one of the best online course platforms for students. Code Academy mostly focuses on teaching for the IT industry such as programming languages.

The learning platform tried to implement different approaches to teaching and they believe in learning by doing. Presently this is one of the best websites to learn to code and simultaneously you apply your code and test your logical mind.

To learn in Code Academy you have to purchase their plan, you can also start with their trial period.


Udacity is one of the famous online learning platforms where you can learn the latest tech skills with advanced learning. It states to give quality learning which can land you to your dream job.

The only problem with the Udacity platform is the course fees are much higher than any usual learning website and it very rare to find out free courses on the platform.

As an individual or beginner it will not a good practice to join Udacity, first you can opt for the free ones then go for paid ones.


W3schoos is an online web tutorial platform, where you can find tutorials for many programming courses all for free. The only disadvantage to the learning platform is that there is no video course available.

This online learning platform is one the best website for quick revision of your programming learnings or you are looking to make some notes for yourself.

The website consists of courses like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and many more. This platform can also help to brush up on your skills.

To find free courses related to engineering, or looking for any course specialization you can also visit:

  • MIT Free Course Website
  • Harvard Courses website
  • University of London Courses
  • UC Berkeley Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Online Courses are Good or Bad?

Ans. Online courses have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of pursuing an online certification course is the flexibility in choosing the best fit time for studying. No need to go anywhere learn while sitting at your home. The only thing you require is the dedication to your learning.

Q. Can online courses get you a Job?

Ans. There is no guarantee to receive a job after doing online courses. Although Many Online courses providing a website that does not provide placement or job assurance. It depends on candidate skills and knowledge.

Q. How Online Courses are helpful ?

Ans – Online courses can be helpful in many ways:-
1) You can find many free courses of your interest.
2) Flexibility of choosing any time for study.
3) No need to go anywhere, learn while sitting at home.
4) Courses can be found at low prices.

Q. Can you get online courses for free ?

Ans – yes, definetely you can get online courses for free. Udemy and coursera also provides free course for students. Your little research in google will get you the free course.

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