7 Best & must-have Chrome Extension for Web Developers

10 best Web developer Extensions
Chrome web Store provides tons of extension for different tasks, there are many chrome extensions for web developers which can be used to increase productivity.

Chrome web store provides a number of chrome extensions that can be too much handy to speed up our workflow. Chrome web store also offers different free chrome extension which can be useful for web developers and web designers.

There is a number of a chrome extension for developers, developers tools available in the chrome web store. Web Developers and designer invest lots of time to build quality content these basic tools can help them in many ways. These are some best 7 Chrome extensions for web developers available in the chrome web store.

Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome extension is available in the chrome web store this is a very simple tool or extension which simply adds a toolbar button to the browser with various developer tools.

This extension is used by more than 10 lakh people around the globe and has a rating of 4.5/5. This helps web developers in many ways for example to view the website in a different layout, its Javascript, CSS, and many more.

Exadiv: View & Extract CSS

This is a CSS mining tool, this chrome extension helps the newbie web developers who can learn more about design by watching others’ implementation. This is easy to use view CSS values by mouse only. You don’t need to track the code anymore.

The best part about the Exadiv: View & Extract CSS extension it does not only help to view the CSS by mouse but also we can extract the code very easily. Very often we can use the extracted CSS and modify it for our version.


Does it ever happen to you that you visited a website and loved its design, animations, or color combinations, and as a web developer, you wanted to know about the technology is used to build this impressive website?

Wappalyzer Chrome extension helps you to find the technology used in website development. It also helps to find out what CMS(Content Management System) is used by the website. This chrome web extension has more than 10 lakh users.

JSON view

JSONView Chrome extension is used to validate and view JSON documents. If a web developer looking for JSON parsing this chrome extension can be handy to use. This extension has more than 10 lakh users and having a rating of 4.5/5.

Reading raw JSON data on a website is not the best practice every time instead of doing this JSONview can be used as a port for view JSON data of the website.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

During the development time, you all need some dummy content to show up, but instead of googling every time, you add this chrome web extension to save your time.

Lorem Ipsum Generator is chrome extension helps in to add dummy paragraph, articles in our website, this is pretty useful during the development process.

Colorpick Eyedropper

Every developer is being confused with the color combinations for their website, but if you find some impressive color schemes in any website then this extension can helps you select values from the webpage.

Colorpick Eyedropper is simple color chooser tool that allows you to select color values from websites and more.

Usersnap: Capture Visual feedback & bugs

This chrome extension helps to send feedback and report bugs on any website with screenshots directly in the browser. We can simply add the extension and capture the screen, collect user feedback and track bugs reports on any website or application.

The UserSnap extension has more than 9 thousand users in Google Chrome and acquired a rating of 4.6/5.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why Do We Need Chrome Extensions ?

Ans. It is not necessary to add any chrome extension to your chrome browser, but if you add extensions it will make your workflow much faster as you take time to do the regualar work.

Q. Is chrome Extension are legal?

Ans. Yes, chrome extensions are legal and down load extesnsion from chrome web store.

Q. Does Chrome Extension slow down your Chrome Browser ?

Ans. Yes, if you add unnecessary extension and does not remove them it takes space in your memory and slow down your browser. Install only the required ones.

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