14 best Coding Challenges platform to increase productivity

Best Coding Platforms
Learn Coding by practice is one of the best way. These are some of the best websites to practice code and programming online.

Want to be a master/expert in programming or coding? One of the finest ways to master something is to practice. Solving different types of problems, programming challenges, or puzzles or you are real-life problem-solving questions.

The more the harder you practice the more you understand the complexity of the programming language. Get yourself ready to crack the toughest job interviews based on coding problems.

You must be looking for some video tutorials to begin your programming journey, so I had made your work easy. Read the article here – 11 Best Youtube Channels for Web developers.

I would like to familiarize you with these best coding challenges platforms which can help you to master coding and different programming languages.


Codewars is one of the best programming practice websites. They provide online coding competition and online coding practice for more than 20 languages, some of the famous languages they include are Java, C, C#, Python, Ruby, SQL, and more.

The websites also maintain the code wars blog portal where you can find the number of blogs on languages updates, website updates, and more knowledge regarding programming languages.

The features which make code wars different from others are like you have to give a basic coding challenge(Language which you choose) solution for signup in the website, the effective discussion portal, and many more.

Best Features –

  • Supports more than 20 programming languages to practice online still more to come.
  • The blog portal helps many to solve their queries.
  • Users can select more than two languages to solve coding challenges.


Topcoder is another fabulous website for online coding practice and challenges, but Topcoder acquires some extra functionality that makes top coders unique and different from others. People can practice coding online and can apply for competitive coding which makes the learning flow convenient and smooth.

The users of Topcoder have access to case studies which users can read and get inspired coding challenges. Topcoder also provides free resources for learners and also maintains a blog page for updates and more. So by signing up you can have the leverage of these functionalities.

Best Features –

  • Case Studies page which is helpful in knowledge growth.
  • Resources to learn for free.
  • Providing free E-Books on different topics.
  • Blog page for more knowledge and updates


Hackerrank is a portal for developers who want to practice or learn coding and for companies who are looking for hiring highly skills coders. HackerRank is a great website for practicing coding online. They have almost all the well-known languages which you are looking for practice.

You will not find much functionality on this website but if you are looking for only coding practice for your desired coding language then this can helpful for you.

Best Features –

  • Developers and companies both are helpful.
  • The coding challenges can help you for both coding competitions and interviews.
  • HackerRank offers more than 20 languages for online coding practice.


To expertise a programming language you must have to practice code day and night, participating in coding challenges will definitely boost confidence. HackerEarth is the only best platform for developers, recruiters, and for learners. HackerEarth conducts Hackathons, Programming challenges, and coding competitions on regular basis.

HackerEarth provides different functionalities for students which helps them to gain more knowledge and experience every day. They provide a practice page where people can practice code, competitions page where people can participate on various competition going on and after expertising the programming language you can visit the companies hiring page where you can apply for the job suits you.

Best Features –

  • People can participate in different hackathons, coding challenges, and tech companies hiring challenges
  • The more number of companies creates opportunities for jobs.
  • People can practice online coding at any time and can participate in multiple challenges.
  • Chat support can solve people’s queries.


Coding is all about development and fun. CodinGame comes up with an interactive and fun way to learn and practice online coding. On this website, users keep on improving their coding skills by solving the world’s most challenging problems.

As with most of the websites, CodinGame also supports both developers and recruiters you can code along on the website and can look for a job. You can also challenge your friends, schoolmates for multiplayer coding games.

Best Features –

  • An interactive, fun way to learn and practice coding online.
  • Users can also participate in Hackathons and Code challenges conducted by recruiters.
  • Multiplayer Coding Games where you can invite your friends and challenge them.


Looking for online coding competitions visit CodeChef. Codechef is specially designed for coding competitions, practice, and learn code. It also provides training session Algorithms, binary search, and more.

An initiative taken by CodeChef is thy provide different portals for different types of students such as Codechef for schools, College Chapters. This website consistently tries to put coding challenges at the start and end of the month. Users can find recent questions sections where they can solve that questions for practice.

Best features –

  • Regular coding challenges to participate.
  • Discussion forum where users can asks doubt.
  • You can be in the top performer lists.


Coderbyte provides paid as well as free courses for their users. Users can level up their coding and interview skills by attending to different challenges. To access all the features provided by code byte you have to buy their membership.

Like most of the other websites code byte also provides the hiring portal where companies are looking for highly skilled coders. This is a great website if you are ready to invest money and to learn to code, interview skills, and many more.

Best Features –

  • Users can participate in coding challenges and interview preparation kits.
  • They also have challenges with React.js.
  • Many of the courses are available for free.


Are you finding some online coding contest CodeForces will be the best place for you? Codeforces provides a ton of online coding contests where you can participate and be on the top-rated list.

Codeforces doesn’t provide much for learning, they did have many learning resources but they have a number of contests going on every month where a programmer can participate to level up their coding skills.

Best features –

  • There are code contests going on every month.
  • They also provide different problem set to solve.

Google Kick start

Every coder, programmer, or developer must have the dream to do a job in Google. So Google gives you an opportunity to prove yourself to be a part of their organization. Google kick start is the online coding competition portal conducted by the organization. So if you cleared the online coding challenges you may get an interview call from google.

Google kick start hosts online coding rounds throughout the year, giving participants to test and grow their coding/programming skills. Kick Start conducts all his rounds online.

Best features –

  • Conducts the coding round throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to get a job in google.

project Euler

Project Euler is the website where you a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve.

Project Euler can be best for the students who aims to solve code through mathematics and level up their programming skills.

Best features –

  • Users will use mathematical insights to solve their code problem


Exercism supports more than 50 programming languages to practice and learns code online. People can explore exercism all for free. The platform also provides a mentorship feature for everyone.

So looking to master a programming language, sign up in exercism complete the coding challenges, and get reviewed by mentors. Solve more challenges to be the expert.

Best Features –

  • Mentorship on your code.


It is one of the best websites to prepare for interview coding questions. Leetcode code helps in preparing the interview for big companies. They have both premium and free options the premium subscription will give you the best experience for preparing for large tech companies.

The platform also provides you learning resources for free. They conduct code challenges throughout the year every month.

Best Features –

  • Free Learning Resources.
  • Code Challenges every month.
  • Interview Code Preparation.


Spoj(Sphere Online Judge) is an online coding platform where people can practice and learn code. Users can practice code, discuss coding problems and participate in the coding challenges.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is one of the best computer science portals for students, where students can find documentation, tutorial on Data Structures, algorithms, and many more. The platform also provides interview preparation, topic-wise practice, and competitive programming.

Looking for some project ideas or planning to prepare for GATE exam is all here. The important thing users can find valuable articles regarding the topics like Recently asked Interview questions, Coding Habits and many more.

Best Features –

  • Tutorials on the different programming languages.
  • Preparation of exams like Gate can be done.
  • Articles on various topics.
  • The project ideas page can help to build a creating coding-based project.


The above-mentioned online coding challenges platform are the best ones, choose the best fits you and go along with that. The only thing matter in your journey is the consistency you made in learning and practicing coding. Hope you have a good journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best online coding challenge platform?

Its all upto your requirement and which best fits you, i would like to recommend Hackerearth.

Which online coding platform is best for beginners?

HackerEarth and GeeksForGeeks can be the best fits for beginners.

How many hours should i Code daily?

You should give 2-3 hours of learning and practicing code daily.

How should I plan my coding Journey?

First of all choose the language you want to learn, grab the tutorials, go through the basic and depth knowledge and start practicing daily.


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