10 Hot HTML Tags to increase your productivity

HTML is the foundation of any website. HTML tags are used as building blocks of a webpage. These are some best HTML tags which can increase your programming ability.

A web developer must be familiar with HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Html elements are the building blocks of the web, and their tons of different Html tags to choose from. So how do you ensure you are using the right ones.

So if you still thinking about what are tags in HTML and what the function of HTML tags so let me help you out, HTML tags represent the root of the web page, or you can say HTML tags are building blocks of a web page.

You must have heard about the basic Html tags while you are learning Html or during the development process. I would like to present 10 Hot Html tags you must have not used before and which can help you to level up your programming skills.
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10 hot HTML Tags

1. <Details></Details> and <Summary><Summary>

The Details and summary tags are used when the user can open and close specified details. This widget helps to create an interactive section without using javascript. By default, the details are closed when the user clicks the then the details come up.


  <summary>Important Notice</summary>
  <p>Developers can use this tag to display something and the user will click to open the Notice</p>

2. <small></small>

Small tags are useful when we want to display our text in small. It is useful when we want to use the disclaimer, copyright section in our webpage. So we use the small tag for this purpose.


<p> This is normal Text. </p>
<p> <small> This is used for smaller text. </small>

3. <output></output>

Output in html is used to display the output or you can show the result of an calculation using output.


<form oninput=”x.value=parseInt(a.value) + parseInt(b.value)”>
<input type=”range” id=”a” value=”50″> + <input type=”number” id=”b” value=”25″ >=
<output name=”x” for=”a b”> </output>

4. <code></code>

When writing content that should be interpreted as computer code, the code element will separate it from the rest of the text. By default, it is styled using a monospace font.


<p> Hii this is <code> code text </code> </p>

5. <sub><sub> and <sup></sup>

The html sub tag is used for subscript text. Subscript text appear half character below the normal line of text. It can be used writing like chemical formulas.

Similarly, the Html sup tag is used for superscript text. Superscript text appears half a character above the normal line.It is used to display footnotes.


<p> This text contains <sub> Subscript </sub> </p>
<p> This text contains <sup> Superscript</sup> </p>

6. <script></script>

When you require to embed a client-side script such as javascript in your HTML then simply use the Script tag. There are other methods to use javascript externally but if you desired to implement basic javascript then this Html tag is much useful.


<p id=”demo”></p>
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = “Hello Jaascript”;

7. <nav></nav>

Nav tag is used to create navigation link. By using this you can create a set of navigation link.This element is intended only for naviagation links.


<a href=”/html/”> HTML </a>
<a href=”/css/”> CSS </a>
<a href=”/js/”> Javascript </a>

8. <hr>

<hr> tag is used to create horizontal line in web pages. The common use of this tag is used to separate content in an HTML page.


<p> This is the first line </p>
<p> This is the Second Line </p>

9. <pre></pre>

Many times you want the exact words to display you have written in your source code. The text will be displayed exactly as written in the HTML source code.


The text you give in pre tag that will display the exact line with spaces line
breaks and everything.


Datalist tag is used to create a dropdown list of options. Users will see a drop-down list of pre-defined options as they input data.


<label for=”browser”> Choose a browser from this list </label>
<input list=”browsers” id=”myBrowser” name=”myBrowser” />
<datalist id=”browsers”>
<option value=”chrome”>
<option value=”FireFox”>
<option value=”Internet Explorer”>
<option value=”Opera”>
<option value=”Safari”>
<option value=”Microsoft Edge”>

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The above list is the HTML tags with their examples. You can use these in your project or web pages to increase your work pace and productivity. Looking for some HTML documentation you can visit here – w3schools and mdn docs.

Frequently Asked Question

How to learn Html?

There are tons of web site and youtube channel where you learn HTML, the best websites for tutorial are w3schools and mdn docs.

What is HTML used for?

HTML is a markup language used by web developers to build pages or websites. HTML is the foundation of any website.

What is the latest version of HTML?

Till date the latest version html is HT



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